Free Consultation

Get a feel for what it's like to have me on your birthing team. Meet with me yourself or with a birth partner to discuss birth philosophies, schedule availability, and how to best integrate my role as doula into your sacred space

Phone & Email Support

Contact me via phone call, text message, or email for all of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum questions, concerns, myth-busting and fact checking needs. Got a question that you don't feel comfortable asking anyone else? Ask your doula!

Prenatal Visits

Let's get prepared! Our prenatal visits will be packed full of information, education, and conversation. Take this time together to address questions and concerns, role play, master techniques to manage pain, anxiety and stress in your preferred style. Birth partners are welcome and encouraged, visits are a great time to practice support techniques also to educate and empower you and your entire village.

During Labor

I will provide continuous support throughout the entire duration of your labor. I call upon my various teachings and training to support you Physically ( through pain relief and comfort techniques) Spiritually and Emotionally (by upholding your beliefs, values, traditions and maintaining the ambiance you desire) I will also provide informational support when called upon to empower your informed decision making.

Baby's 1st Feeding

Immediately establishing a healthy  nursing regimen is key to a comfortable and successful mother-baby breastfeeding relationship. Allow the help of a trained breastfeeding and lactation consultant to navigate the new nursing territory and overcome beginner bumps in the road that often lead mothers to discontinue nursing their newborn.

Post Partum Visits

My work as your doula does not end when your baby arrives. The postpartum period is also a sacred time in life for you and your growing family. During this time when your body, emotions, and home life are all adjusting, allow me to aid in your smooth transition. Wether a first time mom charting new territory or an experienced mom, step into this new phase of motherhood with support.

Baby Wearing Basics

Learn the art of using Sacred Sister Goddess Wraps used to keep your baby close and feeling secure while allowing you the freedom and mobility to carryout daily task. Baby wearing benefits include:

  • Hands Free hold

  • Boost breast milk production

  • Decreased risk of SIDS and flat head syndrome

  • Helps baby with reflux

  • Ideal for breastfeeding

  • Promotes bonding and emotional development

  • Ideal for travel  convenience

Community Referrals

Sacred Sister clients gain access to a network of community professionals with a variety of specialties and services to help support your growing family through any of life's circumstances

As your Doula I Do Not:

Perform Any Clinical Task

It is not within a doula's scope of practice to perform clinical task such as taking blood pressure, listening to fetal heart tones, cervical examinations,  etc.. My presence at your birth is primarily to provide physical support and comfort measures, emotional support, as well as informational support.​​

Make decisions for you

I will provide you with unlimited access to fact and evidence based information necessary to help guide you to make informed decisions for your family. I will also remind you if the is a departure from your specified birth preferences.

Speak to the staff on your behalf

During my role as your doula I will serve as  your advocate, equipping you and your birth partner with the tools needed to effectively communicate with your birthing staff regarding concerns about your care

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

Each birth is a sacred and personal experience that I feel blessed to attend and for each birth experience I check my own judgments, and biases at the door. I am open minded and always willing to learn from new experiences with clients, families, and healthcare providers. Most importantly throughout our time together I will work to teach you the value of trusting your own instincts and judgments without requiring validation from others.

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